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Holidays to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa Holidays, Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Holidays

Hikkaduwa holidays are an excellent choice, especially for those looking for a taste of the relaxed and laid back beach lifestyle Sri Lanka is known for. The resort has lots to offer with pristine white sandy beaches, intricate coral reefs and a colourful surf and diving scene.

When to go:

Sri Lanka has a typically tropical climate. Temperatures and humidity (approximately 70%) remain high all year round. But, the light coastal breeze makes this heat comfortable and more inland, the heat is significantly reduced due to the higher altitude.

Rainfall is highest in May, and in October and lowest during dry season, from November to March. While the dry season is the most popular time to visit, it’there is an average of 6-8 hours of sunshine per day across all seasons.

Top Attractions:

Those with an interest in nature will enjoy spending some of their holiday in Hikkaduwa visiting the Hikkaduwa Bird Lake. Here you'll discover exotic birds, water lizards and traditional water prawn fishing.

The Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa, the Coral Sanctuary, and Hikkaduwa National Park are popular tourist attractions for nature-lovers, too.


Hikkaduwa beach is the perfect beach for beginner surfers. It is a long beach, that looks like paradise and offers loads of fun!

Another beach that’s worth a visit is Narigama Beach, great for long walks with plenty of beach bars and cafes to stop at along the way.


You’ll easily find restaurants all across Hikkaduwa to suit all tastes.

The Bookworm Library Restaurant in Hikkaduwa is a great visit for those wanting to try cultural dishes, like vegetable curry. The Mongrovia Lagoon is also great for authentic eats.

You can find more western-inspired eats at the likes of Hello Burger and Nordic House Luxury Burgers.


While you needn’t expect a hugely lively scene in Hikkaduwa, you can expect to go out and have a few drinks, and enjoy a sociable night out.

The Yula Beach Bar, the Blue Note Bar and Chill Space Surf Cafe are three places with great nightlife in Hikkaduwa.


Seenigama Vihara is a temple just 2km from Hikkaduwa.

Visit the Community Tsunami Museum and Tsunami Honganji Vihara to discover more about the effects the Tsunami had on the area back in 2004. You can also take a trip to the Tsunami Memorial and Tsunami Photo Museum.

Adventure and Sports:

Hikkaduwa is well known for its surfing scene and as a result attracts an eclectic mix of visitors.

Diving is also a popular activity in Hikkaduwa and the resorts cater to beginners as well as the more experienced.

Getting around:

There is a bus service to and from Galle (30 minutes) and Colombo (3 hours), best taken from the bus station.

There are also trains available that take you to Galle, Colombo, Mataya and beyond. It is better to avoid slower trains as they stop everywhere.

You can also travel by car or motorbike on the busy road between Galle and Colombo.

Flying into Colombo airport offers fairly easy transfers to Hikkaduwa.

Weather and Climate

Sri Lanka has a typically tropical climate, temperature and humidity (approx 70%) remain high all year round, although on the coast a light coastal breeze makes this heat comfortable. Inland, the heat is significantly reduced due to the higher altitude. Rainfall is highest in May, and in Oct/Nov. The south-western coast has higher rainfall than the rest of the country, although many people find this a refreshing break, generally this occurs in the afternoon and is accompanied by thunder. The highest rainfall occurs in May (371mm) and the lowest is Feb (69mm). There is an average of 6-8 hours of sunshine per day, all year round.

Coral Sands Hotel

Coral Sands Hotel

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
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Citrus Hikkaduwa

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